Friday, October 12, 2012

Think Pink-NFL a Bunch of Boobs!

What are women worth to the NFL? About 3.5 cents on the dollar. That is how much actually goes to the American Cancer Society in the NFL's shamelessly self-promoting October Breast Cancer Awareness PINK EVERYTHING campaign. The rest goes straight into the pockets of the owners.

So if you have somehow been unaware of breast cancer and seeing the "pink" during an NFL game does somehow shock you into sudden awareness, DO NOT purchase pink NFL gear, which is garish and ultimately clashes terribly with your team's colors anyway. 

Give directly to the American Cancer Society! Even if you only give ONE DOLLAR you'll be giving far more for cancer research than if you bought a twenty dollar item from the NFL! 

And remember, thanks to President Obama, you now have FREE Mammograms every year. GET THEM!

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