Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sununu Goes Low with Black People Are Lazy Innuendo

It's hard to debate someone who lies constantly. In fact it's exhausting, for the person debating truthfully against a greasy liar and for the staff of said liar who has to follow behind and undo all the lies to keep the republican base from jumping ship the next day. So today someone had to throw some "red meat" to the GOP the masses confused by all their suddenly and strangely "nice" seeming candidate's lies. Someone had to reboot their hate machines, if you'll forgive me for mangling the metaphor. That person was John Sununu. He hit hard and fast with the lowest blow in a low down dirty campaign by calling the president (and you know, all them there black-type, non-white kinda people) lazy.

To John Sununu, this is what "Lazy" looks like.

Today in their post-debate hysteria, while simultaneously back-pedaling as fast as humanly possible on EVERYTHING Romney said during the debate, his team finally had the inevitable crash and burn. 

On MSNBC today John Sununu, Romney Advisor and Campaign Co-chair, actually said President Obama was "too lazy" to prepare for the debate. Yes, he said "too lazy."

Never mind the Middle East is burning, the economy is still in need of daily attention as the tea-bag congress REFUSES to do anything but OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, and Social Security and Medicare have become a major battle WITHIN the President's own party...and most importantly of all, WE STILL HAVE TROOPS and INTEL OFFICERS IN HARM'S WAY, people about whom our CURRENT POTUS actually CARES! 

Never mind Obama has real concern for the people of this nation, not just the fake kind Romney shows during debate performances only. Sununu had to return once again, even on the GOP day of celebration, to that old racist idiom that all black people are lazy. It's DISGUSTING! It's also extremely telling that he didn't even consider there may be things happening in the real world that may be more taxing on the president's attention than a mere debate. Lazy and disengaged my round white butt. He's simply engaged with things more important than a dog and pony show!

Please notice how many actual women are in that HAND PICKED
back-drop audience behind her!

But Sununu can only imagine that none of that matters to President Obama because none of that would matter to Mitt Romney, or ANY REPUBLICAN for that matter! President Obama didn't want to take days and days (or months and months, as in Romney's case) to prepare for a single debate against a known liar because he had REAL WORK to that impacts the lives of people ALL AROUND THE GLOBE! 

So you, Mr. Sununu and your LYING BUFFOON of a candidate, who stood on a stage with the President of the United States in front of 58 million people and lied his ASS off, time after time after time, can go straight to HELL for all I care, if such a place exists! I'm done playing nice, I'm done being polite and I'm done giving respect where it's not earned. Romney is a lying piece of shit, he's a tax felon (being pardoned doesn't change the fact that he had his money off shore in the first place) and he is not worthy of the office of president. 

So THIS is where he got all that unnatural energy last night...
And I thought it was crystal meth.

He would do nothing but throw veterans, the elderly and children to the wolves so that his rich friends could become even MORE rich. What you saw lighting his eyes so feverishly in that debate last night was the light of GREED and AVARICE! He is POSSESSED ...and not by anything holy. He is evil incarnate, and if Ann of the fangs thinks he is so great SHE can worship him as their demented cult demands. I want NONE OF IT!

The REAL reason Paul Ryan took the job!
Love at first sneer!

Mitt Romney does everything that is BAD for this country. He invests money with China. He lies CONTINUALLY! He lies about his plans and changes his mind and has ZERO empathy, then comes up with ridiculous plans to pay for trillions of dollars in tax cuts and HUGE GOVERNMENT GROWTH, including increases in military spending the military hasn't even ASKED FOR (which doesn't add to the pay for our service members OR their health care of course) by getting rid of Big Bird! The guy is INSANE! But we knew that already. He had all the signs, way back from prep school days when he bullied weaker students and intentionally led that poor blind teacher into the door...for laughs. Sicko. He has all the diplomatic skill of a...George W. Bush. Remember the London Olympics when he made such a total ass of himself and caused an international incident on the first day of his great trip overseas? The dolt would have us in WWIII on that "day one" he has so many plans for. In fact he might as well add that to his ridiculous right now.

The whole thing, thank Goddess, is a fantasy anyway!

Romney Presidency, end of day one...

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