Saturday, October 20, 2012

O'Donnell Dares Tagg to Take a Swing

Lawrence O'Donnell dares Taggart Romney to punch him

No question about it..  I have a love-love relationship with Lawrence O'Donnell. He just gets better and better as time passes. He makes me want to be a better person yet at the same time makes me feel completely comfortable in my own skin--poisoned veteran with auto-immune disease that I am. He reminds me there are far larger issues out there requiring my inconstant energy.

Usually Mr. O'Donnell is a calm lagoon of reason in an ever-storming ocean of media hype and hyperbole. Thursday night those still waters rose in a sudden tsunami...and it was MAGNIFICENT! 

I never realized that accent was sexy before...

All I care to add to the link (below the picture) above is this. Tagg, your mother is a hag. Make my day too! My money is on the honest smart man who is so very righteously indignant. 

And no, hiring the job out to contractors doesn't count, Haggart.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bain Destroys Midwest Town and Moves Ops to China

When Five Hundred Million Dollars in 
                                  Pure Profit Just Isn't Enough...

Welcome to Freeport--Bainport

Despite posting an all time record net revenue of 504.6 MILLION DOLLARS in the second quarter of 2012, and 500 million dollars net PROFIT last year, Bain's (they are 51% owners) Sensata Corporation (or the Sensata Person, if you go by Willard's definition) is packing up and moving operations to China. 

Bain/Sensata is locking out workers, who were forced to train their own replacements. Why? Because they had the temerity to request a severance package to help tide them over until they can find new jobs, and to help older workers who will lose the all-important pensions they have worked and counted on their entire careers...pensions they deserve, have earned

The pensions Sensata workers have lost, like Social Security and Medicare are not "entitlements" they are EARNED BENEFITS, as are those earned by veterans, and moves like this illustrate just how vital the social safety net is. These workers didn't quit their jobs out of laziness. They wanted to keep working, but greedy overlords didn't think five hundred million dollars in pure profit was enough, so they (and "they" includes the guy running for president) decided Freeport, and the souls whose lives depended upon jobs at that auto parts plant there, was an acceptable loss. Lives mean nothing to them. Money means everything--EVERYTHING! 

So yes, we absolutely need to keep Social Security and Medicare, which means we cannot vote for republicans, any republicans, even the ones we think are nice people, because they vote together to do VERY BAD THINGS and because one of those VERY BAD THINGS is destroying what they erroneously call entitlements. No matter what pretty-sounding lies they tell you, THAT is even more important to them than controlling the sex lives of women, and you know how important that is!

Oddly, I don't see them voting to give up their own ludicrously generous and life-long "entitlement package" or even put a few reasonable limits, like means testing, on it. Work a cushy job a couple years that sets you up for an even cushier job on down the road and reap benefits forever...nice deal! 

Our current crop, the sorriest and most dastardly bunch of obstructionist, oath-breaking, pledge signing, bought and sold TEA-hadists ever to fail their constituents, would do much to salvage what piteously little is left of their honour if they would vote to STOP VULTURE CAPITALISM. I am sickened by seeing once-thriving places like Freeport turned into ghost towns at the whim of aforementioned vultures.

The workers who labored in good faith to create such a record-setting profit for sent a heart-felt plea to Mitt Romney, asking him to step in and save their jobs. Not only did he refuse to even answer their plea, he went on to mourn, in false-face, issues like this in the most recent debate! What a damned hypocrite! Then today, when he was just a short distance away from Freeport on his ohh sooo ironically titled, "Every Town Counts" tour, he zoomed wide of Bainport, the town he decided absolutely does NOT count. 

So, think about it. This is how the man who is running for President makes his money. More importantly, this is how he treats people in need--not people in a culture of poverty who don't bother to look for work (which is a myth of course) but people who want nothing more than to keep working at the jobs they have done so well that they have created consecutive record-breaking profits!  HOW can that NOT be enough? How can anyone be so cold that they reward that kind of effort by destroying the lives of the people who provided the millions lining their pockets? It is PSYCHOPATHIC!

Can you really trust someone who believes in this kind of behavior against the hard working people of his OWN nation while dealing with the sleaziest, most inhumane slave-brokers in China? Can you really trust Mitt Romney with the most sacred and honored of duties in our United States? Do you trust someone so willing to run a steam-roller over middle class workers just to turn even more-than-record-breaking profits and avoid more taxes the U.S. badly needs right now? If you do trust him, I suggest immediate psychological evaluation, because you are living in a dream world or intentionally deluding yourself (like everyone else with incomes under $250,000/year who votes GOP).

And they call the poor a drain on society! 

Look at what's happening in Freeport. THAT is Romney's America. Is that what you want, or do you want equal opportunity for all America's workers and a little more taxation for the richest, who TAKE so much and give so little? Do you want jobs here or in China?

With the move to China, quality of product and life will also suffer, not only for the Sensata workers here, but also because as more and more American businesses encourage what amounts to slavery in China, abuse will most certainly not only continue but expand. This is a true and actual human rights issue, and I cannot help but wonder how former Bishop Romney reconciles this reality with his "deeply held religious beliefs that are [so] central to [his] life." Any true man of faith would be horrified by the way these slave laborers are treated. I certainly am. These are human beings. Yes, they are taking our jobs, but none of us control the place and circumstance of our birth, so as fellow humans should we not feel some compassion despite our own losses?

Take for instance these artfully and artificially dressed and made-up CHILDREN have been working in factories run by American corporation Foxconn by their own admission. You can slop makeup all over their faces but you can't make them smile. Make-up does not hide the fact that these are YOUNG children. My 9 year old looks  ten years older when we play with makeup, so just figure it out. Also, that boy in front is so thin he's gaunt. Another article I linked to says the slave laborers are severely malnourished and underfed. Also, health care is terrible. I found a photo of an advanced breast cancer in a factory worker I will not share here, but you can find it by following this link. Laborers do not receive health care, even for life threatening illnesses, especially women. Hmm, I need to learn to make those shorter...and be warned it is VERY GRAPHIC! The plight of these women is heart breaking.
Foxconn Admits to Having  Had Child Laborers in Its Factories

Not so much so to Willard Romney. I have seen clips of him gleefully praising and applauding the Chinese practice of concentrating female "workers" into industrial barracks, at least three per closet-sized room, wherein they are guarded at gunpoint, twenty-four hours per day. They work at least twelve hours per shift at a dollar an hour and exist--I will not say live, because they are not living, they are merely existing as flesh and blood automatons (ahh, now I see how Willard feels such comfort with the practice--it speaks to his inner robot!) and have just one day off per month. 

The internet is full of articles about Chinese practices. The article linked below is concise, referenced, and an easy and informative read. Please take the couple minutes to the single short page as regards Apple and how they pay workers in China. 

"When I was back in my private equity days, we went to China do buy a factory there. It employed about 20,000 people, and they were almost all young women between the ages of about 18 and 22 or 23. They were saving for potentially becoming married" 
Mitt Romney has actively participated in SLAVE LABOR!

He probably sees China as some kind of business-friendly UTOPIA and cannot WAIT to make America JUST LIKE IT! 

(Pause for thought...)

Wow...  The above statement started out as my usual deeply felt and utter disdain for Mitt Romney, but once I'd put it to the page, the truth of it was jarring...and frightening. This is more serious and far worse than I had imagined, especially for women, and I have imagined a LOT! He has no intent to FIGHT China...


Coming soon unless you get off your backside and vote for Obama!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Undecided Voters and the Jedi Mind Trick

*Contains adult language. Do not read farther if you are offended by occasional swearing.*

Mitt Romney has not given details on ANY of his financial plans. He does not support equal pay for women. He is against reproductive choice for women. He is RUDE to the sitting President of his OWN country and leaders of other nations and has openly stated he would look to war as a "first choice" in Iran. His business expertise consists of OUTSOURCING American jobs to places like China. He pays 14% in taxes and has openly stated he thinks that is just FINE, and he continually LIES while proclaiming to be a religious man. How incredibly, moronically, dropped-on-your-head-as-a-baby STUPID do you have to be to even CONSIDER voting for this man for president, especially if you are FEMALE and have any desire to go to college, have a job or may have sex (or heaven forbid, be the victim of rape) in your lifetime?

You are not pleased with how LONG it's taken President Obama to fix an economy it took G.W. Bush EIGHT YEARS to utterly destroy? And exactly WHAT detailed plan did Mitt Romney offer? That's right, NOTHING! He danced around details all night long like he was auditioning for Dancing With the Stars (something about which I have the sick feeling you are ALL experts). Oh, and he had some really wonderful ANECDOTES. Those are cute little personal stories he uses when he doesn't want to give DETAILS that would give away the fact that his entire plan for us is to make a slave class of the middle class and funnel even MORE of OUR money to himself and his ultra rich buddies--you know--Bain Capital-style--which is, ABSURDLY, something you find ATTRACTIVE about him! Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wept!

Regarding President Obama's plans, which are WORKING and WORKING WELL under the circumstances, I'm sure you are AWARE that the stated goal of the leader of the GOP in the House of Representatives (I fondly call them "the Tealaban") in Congress, upon being sworn in, was to OPENLY state his NUMBER ONE GOAL was to make President Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT. Also almost every single republican in congress has signed a pledge to Grover Norquist, the top dog Lobbyist in Washington, stating they will not raise taxes on the rich under ANY circumstances? In addition the filibuster has been used a record number of times to block EVERY SINGLE JOBS BILL brought forward by President Obama, along with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else that could possibly shed a positive light on our president. ARE YOU AWARE that this has NEVER, EVER been done before in the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...most especially in a time of WAR? 

As a veteran I cannot help but to see that as a personal insult...a real slap in the face, and given Paul Ryan's congress has already refused to even CONSIDER health care for my service-related poisoning at Fort McClellan, Alabama, because (big surprise here) I am FEMALE, like most of the many, many thousands of people deathly ill from diseases related to toxins we were exposed to at Fort McClellan, it was an extra slap in the face I did not need! The civilians who were exposed to the same toxins got millions of dollars, but our obstructionist congress couldn't be bothered with the grave health issues of mostly female veterans...and their innocent offspring. Pro-life, what? 

The attitude of Romney and Ryan toward women is very nearly psychotic in its disregard and disrespect!

Yet in the face of all this obstruction, you "low information voters" wonder why President Obama "hasn't done more by now [3.5 years] to fix the economy."


He had just a few months of a filibuster-proof congress before Senator Kennedy became ill, and then of course, later Gabby Giffords was shot. So this whole MYTH about how much President Obama SHOULD have been able to do is nothing but that...a MYTH, a FANTASY. (Just ONE of Romney's many lies--that our President had TWO YEARS of full control of the government. More like 3 months. They don't mention that very often on Fox because it's one of those boring old facts.)

What's a true miracle is that Obama was able to do what he HAS done, which is somehow turn around an economy that was spiraling downward to total destruction--destruction you cannot even begin to imagine, because you have gone about your baseball, hot dogs and Kardashians lives as if politics is no big deal and as if the two parties are really just the same. To return to the mixed metaphor (not that you've noticed) we are talking helicopter in full auto-rotation bad here and going down FAST, but somehow we were fortunate enough to have a pilot (president) with the calm proficiency to stick with it, literally, and pull that thing back up and under control about 10 feet before the cartwheels started. Hint: helicopters don't do pretty cartwheels. If you know anything about piloting helicopters, as I am sure you must, since you know NOTHING about politics, you realize how RARE it is to pull one out of full auto-rotation...and he did it with a bunch of raving lunatics pulling on his arms and legs and covering his eyes!

But you STILL aren't satisfied (please note the childish sing-song voice) because despite all that he hasn't gotten you to the desired destination FAST enough.

HE JUST SAVED YOUR DAMNED LIVES you lack-wit dipsticks!

Get with the program. Get yourselves educated. Stop watching Fox News and listening to that drug-addled lunatic Rush Limbaugh and actually READ some REAL news, and check some congressional VOTING RECORDS. Look back at the W. Bush administration, then make it more stupid and more mean and more greedy and more misogynistic (woman-hate/fearing) and overtly RACIST! THAT would be a Romney administration.  

It wouldn't kill you to actually watch a couple programs on MSNBC, because while they are left-leaning they do not create their own universe. They use real-world facts, as does the Huffington Post. I suggest Lawrence O'Donnell if you don't want a drooling partisan. Also Martin Bashir. But get some REAL news, not the "newsertainment" crap that's all full of hype and hyperbole (that's overly exaggerated emotional speech).

We're not voting for the guy who looks most presidential, or like the one who would play the role of president on TV. We are voting for the leader of the most powerful (unless we elect Romney) nation in the world, and it's an important decision. It's worth putting an hour of research into. And for God's sake if you're a freaking racist, then just ADMIT IT, and stop playing "undecided voter" and wasting everyone's time.

If you're Mormon, either focus on the fact that he's half white by birth and get over it, or put on your magic underwear and go back to Temple and discuss it with your Bishop, or whatever you racist kind of Mormons do (I know not all of you are) when you know you've done something wrong and have helped to cause the deaths of possibly millions of innocent people by voting for a conscienceless empty suit for President who just can't WAIT to take away health care and start another war so his defense contractor buds can start the profiteering.

By the way, for you low level workers out there, don't believe your boss if he/she tells you Obama Care is going to force them to fire people. That is an overt (open and intentional) republican tactic designed to trick people into either voting for Romney or being too afraid to vote for President Obama. Like the Jedi mind trick, that lie works only on the weak minded, so consider yourself warned.

Personally, I don't see how ANY of you can watch someone lie over and over and over again and still consider voting for him. Do you just play drinking games during the debate or watch it and take everything Romney says on faith then not watch or read the fact-checkers the next day or what?

Women, do you REALLY want to be forced to have the baby of your rapist upon threat of PRISON, if you are raped or the victim of incest, no matter how old you are, no matter what medications you are on, no matter how severely obscenely deformed the fetus is because of them?

Fathers, if your ten year old daughter is raped, do you want HER to be forced to have a baby, knowing that she will suffer from bone weakness and other severe physical health issues, including increased chance of infertility, for the rest of her life? The psychological damage goes without saying. That is where we are going if the "Personhood" amendment the Tealaban Congress wants goes through and Romney signs it, as he has repeatedly PROMISED he will do on that very busy first day in office. Women, do you want to lose free Mammograms and cancer screenings? Men, how about your prostate and testicular cancer screenings? Do you want to lose the ability to keep your children on YOUR insurance until age TWENTY SIX? That is a MONUMENTAL issue, as is increased access and tax deductions for advanced education, mortgages and charitable donations, etc.!

And make no mistake about it, if Romney is elected, Social Security and Medicare ARE history within the next 20 years. That has been the GOP goal for decades and they are very close now with so much apathy and at least a couple Supreme appointments coming up. Yes, today's seniors will be fine...but after that it's time to head to northern Alaska with ma and pa and try and find some nice big ice burgs that have not yet melted, because your parents will have nowhere else to go when they are too demented to safely stay at YOUR HOUSE. As for Medicaid? Pah! Romney and Ryan may claim to be pro-life, but they haven't met a war they don't love, and while they are RABID about saving the fetus, they won't lift a FINGER to save a child, because it costs money they feel is far better spent on TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH!

So yeah, I'm just a BIT stumped as to how you could still be "undecided" ...especially after tonight's debate, during which Romney just had his ASS handed to him by the POTUS (that means President of the United States).

I know the GOP tends to benefit from low voter turn-out, but holy hell's bells, people, if you STILL haven't figured this thing out, just stay the fuck home!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Result for Biden Despite Disrespectful Moderator

Martha Raddatz moderates vice presidential debate
Objective my ASS! She clearly can't stand Joe Biden and had no business moderating!
This is a tough one for me as a fan of Rachel Maddow. I have to get that out of the way right away, along with the fact that while I am a progressive Democrat and therefore very pleased with the outcome of the VP Debate last night, I am apparently in the minority of people entirely and vocally displeased with the performance of the moderator, Martha Raddatz. This also pains me because I am a "natural born feminist". It has never occurred to me that as a woman I cannot do anything a man can do, just as well, if not better, unless it involves certain feats involving upper body strength and organs I do not possess, and for that we have...other options.

Immediately after the debate I fired off a few tweets, hoping to let off some steam and perhaps see some people of like mind doing the same. Nope. *Late note: I did eventually find something informative and interesting from The Guardian UK (sometimes I swear I should just move over there because aside from MSNBC and a couple other shows, all I watch is BBC America's great programming anyway (and I do NOT mean all that stupid cooking and racing). Bow ties ARE cool! Anyway, here's the link:

                                                                         ~  ~  ~

Back to the debate. Twenty four hours later, Rachel rubbed salt in my still-bleeding moderator inflicted wounds by (I will NOT say "doubling down" because that phrase is so over-used by TV talkers I am ready to throw my nice HD TV out my energy efficient window, which would not be a good idea, given winter is coming on) I will say she rubbed salt in my still bleeding wounds by not only praising Ms. Raddatz with such outrageous hyperbole and schoolgirl crush gushing that ***I*** actually blushed, but followed all that with the statement that Dear Martha was SO good that she, Rachel Maddow, would support her, Martha, the Muddling Moderator, for President! I mean just because she was a hair better than the barely breathing (wheezing?) Lehrer does not maker her GOOD? Am I the only person old enough to remember GOOD News? The only person to remember when evening news was really evening NEWS? 

Needless to say I really regretted those @Maddow @Martha Raddatz post debate suggestions that the anything but divine Miss Martha did literally everything but dive under the table to "service" Congressman Ryan during the debate while he was giving his long winded soliloquies during the #VPDebate. Oops.

As a Rachel fan I am so... *sigh* ...disillusioned. I can barely enjoy the afterglow of Biden's shellacking of Congressman Ryan, which Martha did call him, against his request, the ONE thing for which I CAN give her full credit, with extra points for intent to unnerve. That WAS good.  But still...

Rachel..please...don't DO this to me! I have always thought so highly of you! Cutesy ageism aside, I really do love your show! It's witty and informative and usually so well researched. I can believe what you tell me if I don't already know it by the time I hear it on your show! I can be a lazy viewer and take you at your word. That's not something I usually allow myself when watching TV "news" shows.

Geez. First I lose my beloved Keith Olbermann--twice--then, well I won't say because it's too mean, then Ed starts having TIA's or maybe taking anti-depressants or needs new glasses or whatever is making him stumble continually over his words, to the point where I'm leaning forward kind of psychically trying to help him read the prompter as I watch the show. I feel for him with his wife's cancer, having lost my career, my health, my parents and my only brother within the past few years (and I wasn't even half-way through a normal life-span yet!) but it's kind of hard to watch him struggle. I do the same thing so I guess I empathize...and digress. Sorry. 

Now I'm losing faith in Rachel. Looks like all I have left is Lawrence...but he's a keeper. One hopes. *ulp*
Life isn't easy in winter for someone with auto-immune disease and no Romney yeah, my TV is my friend...the only one I have left it seems sometimes. (Oh for God's sake woman, cry them a river).

Fortunately MSNBC closed my Friday evening viewing with the treat of a live Lawrence O'Donnell show,  in which he renewed my hope for a brighter debate future. First he addressed Thursday night's shortfalls, such as Raddatz approaching abortion from the stance of religion and the male experience rather than as an issue in and of itself. I would suggest addressing it as what it is, an issue one in three women will face at some point in their lives. That is the reality according to A is, a women's reproductive rights group.

When the Nuns on the Bus were interviewed they too pointed out that it was odd to them how the abortion issue was broached and that no mention was made of other humanitarian needs and the ways each candidate would approach and/or meet them...if at all in Romney's case. But sadly, Ms. Raddatz was rather too busy smiling into Paul Ryan's pretty blue eyes and losing track of time as he rambled on, and on, and on. One could almost write a book on this debate and the blunders, assumptions, presumptions, interruptions and under handling of one candidate and highly inappropriate OVER handling of the other. 

Lawrence helpfully explained how current debates have evolved and stated his strong opinion that they need to move on to a more real-world look at how each candidate would deal with the actual policy issues of the day, not as an exercise in memorization, which any actor can bluff his way through (think Ronald Reagan with his economy and education-killing agenda) but as policy is actually thought through over a reasonable period of time, with facts at hand to steer the process. As noted, any idiot can memorize and deliver a script (think Sarah Palin) but it takes a President to formulate and carry out complex and effective plans of action (think President Clinton). I like Lawrence's ideas regarding giving the candidates the questions ahead of time, and allowing them, as happens in office, to have a silent aide, too. These debates, by by the end of the series of them, will actually help we the people know who is truly fit to be President.

What we saw Thursday night was an entirely different matter with an entirely different set of goals. I try to avoid being absolutely certain of anything, because it interferes with my open-mindedness, but I have zero doubt of this:

Debates are NOT supposed to be televised for the purpose of stroking the ego of the moderator, whether or not she has ambitions of playing vitriolic tutor on foreign policy and military chain of command to the sitting Vice President of the United States of America, no matter HOW qualified she feels she is as a "well traveled foreign correspondent" (with ex husband issues).

Seriously how out of line can a person be? She was presuming to lecture the man who regularly phones, skypes and/or meets with heads of state, sees the Joint Chiefs as a regular part of his daily activities and is briefed daily if not more often on the most recent, most secret of secret intelligence in the world from all the sources the most powerful nation in the world has at hand...and she decided the debate was a good time to give him a lecture on who thinks, knows and decides what--and when. 


Maybe it's my military training, but I've been a PFC, a Private F**king Civilian, for a good long time now, and I don't think my training is still that ingrained in me any longer. She was just THAT out of line.

So... Perhaps I have overly high standards, but someone with that kind of ...of ...lack of respect is not the kind of person I would even jokingly put forward, even in a moment of joyously joking hyperbole, as a candidate for President. 

This is (supposed to be) serious stuff. When you treat it like a joke you get W. Bush for Resident. That was a GREAT TIME for all the comics, wasn't it? ....a real "wheeee this is FUN!" time for all, except for the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, lost in a "for profit" effort to turn a sovereign into a giant business tax free utopia for Halliburton and friends. On a smaller scale, the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement money people like my parents lost, along with their homes, which led to three early deaths in my family alone. Big joke. Ha ha. 

                                                                              ~  ~  ~


I don't know what the issue is with so many of the in-crowd of the "media elite" at ABC and NBC/MSNBC that has their collective shorts and panties in such a wad and their ire aimed toward the White House, but observation and intuition lead me to believe it has something to do with the embassy attack and likely some perceived misinformation or failure on the administration's part to make them PRIORITY ONE while dealing with that very fluid and tragic situation. I'm always too wordy, so let me put it this way. 

Looks like Ms. Raddatz didn't get what she wanted when she wanted it, nor did some other people, so now they're all in a little snit flexing their little much as possible given its an election season and they don't want the Fresh Prince of Losing Debates to actually BE a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  

I would just remind these verbal muscle flexers of something I remember all too well. Perhaps they were in high school or middle school at the time, but I remember the Dubya Bush misadministration and what happened to the press back then. Muzzled anchors with on-site thugs. Reporters kept in line with threats of non-access. U.S. media functioning behind a virtual iron curtain and most insulting to me as a woman, the revered Helen Thomas moved from her rightful front row seat in the briefing room because she dared be an "irritant" and speak truths Bush mouth piece Ari Fleischer didn't want to deal with. Who sat back in her rightful place again at President Obama's FIRST Press Conference? Yeah... Helen Thomas. 

So whatever this "issue" is you boys and girls have against Obama/Biden, I suggest you get over it and stop celebrating mediocrity, because "good Mormon" that  he is, Mitt Romney is going to rain HELLS down on women and children and those old people you so disdain and yes, disabled veterans like me. My sons are barely hanging on to minimum wage jobs. In fact my older son, who was 3/4 of the way through college when I got sick, had to take a job serving food to rich people who leave $2.00 tips because they think he MUST be gay if he works as a server at his age. He isn't really making it at all so we share expenses rather than be those horrible "takers" blue eyes Ryan whines about. Mitt Romney would be the literal death of us all. Clearly that's the plan, so forgive me if I get a little testy about the whole thing. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Think Pink-NFL a Bunch of Boobs!

What are women worth to the NFL? About 3.5 cents on the dollar. That is how much actually goes to the American Cancer Society in the NFL's shamelessly self-promoting October Breast Cancer Awareness PINK EVERYTHING campaign. The rest goes straight into the pockets of the owners.

So if you have somehow been unaware of breast cancer and seeing the "pink" during an NFL game does somehow shock you into sudden awareness, DO NOT purchase pink NFL gear, which is garish and ultimately clashes terribly with your team's colors anyway. 

Give directly to the American Cancer Society! Even if you only give ONE DOLLAR you'll be giving far more for cancer research than if you bought a twenty dollar item from the NFL! 

And remember, thanks to President Obama, you now have FREE Mammograms every year. GET THEM!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sununu Goes Low with Black People Are Lazy Innuendo

It's hard to debate someone who lies constantly. In fact it's exhausting, for the person debating truthfully against a greasy liar and for the staff of said liar who has to follow behind and undo all the lies to keep the republican base from jumping ship the next day. So today someone had to throw some "red meat" to the GOP the masses confused by all their suddenly and strangely "nice" seeming candidate's lies. Someone had to reboot their hate machines, if you'll forgive me for mangling the metaphor. That person was John Sununu. He hit hard and fast with the lowest blow in a low down dirty campaign by calling the president (and you know, all them there black-type, non-white kinda people) lazy.

To John Sununu, this is what "Lazy" looks like.

Today in their post-debate hysteria, while simultaneously back-pedaling as fast as humanly possible on EVERYTHING Romney said during the debate, his team finally had the inevitable crash and burn. 

On MSNBC today John Sununu, Romney Advisor and Campaign Co-chair, actually said President Obama was "too lazy" to prepare for the debate. Yes, he said "too lazy."

Never mind the Middle East is burning, the economy is still in need of daily attention as the tea-bag congress REFUSES to do anything but OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, OBSTRUCT, and Social Security and Medicare have become a major battle WITHIN the President's own party...and most importantly of all, WE STILL HAVE TROOPS and INTEL OFFICERS IN HARM'S WAY, people about whom our CURRENT POTUS actually CARES! 

Never mind Obama has real concern for the people of this nation, not just the fake kind Romney shows during debate performances only. Sununu had to return once again, even on the GOP day of celebration, to that old racist idiom that all black people are lazy. It's DISGUSTING! It's also extremely telling that he didn't even consider there may be things happening in the real world that may be more taxing on the president's attention than a mere debate. Lazy and disengaged my round white butt. He's simply engaged with things more important than a dog and pony show!

Please notice how many actual women are in that HAND PICKED
back-drop audience behind her!

But Sununu can only imagine that none of that matters to President Obama because none of that would matter to Mitt Romney, or ANY REPUBLICAN for that matter! President Obama didn't want to take days and days (or months and months, as in Romney's case) to prepare for a single debate against a known liar because he had REAL WORK to that impacts the lives of people ALL AROUND THE GLOBE! 

So you, Mr. Sununu and your LYING BUFFOON of a candidate, who stood on a stage with the President of the United States in front of 58 million people and lied his ASS off, time after time after time, can go straight to HELL for all I care, if such a place exists! I'm done playing nice, I'm done being polite and I'm done giving respect where it's not earned. Romney is a lying piece of shit, he's a tax felon (being pardoned doesn't change the fact that he had his money off shore in the first place) and he is not worthy of the office of president. 

So THIS is where he got all that unnatural energy last night...
And I thought it was crystal meth.

He would do nothing but throw veterans, the elderly and children to the wolves so that his rich friends could become even MORE rich. What you saw lighting his eyes so feverishly in that debate last night was the light of GREED and AVARICE! He is POSSESSED ...and not by anything holy. He is evil incarnate, and if Ann of the fangs thinks he is so great SHE can worship him as their demented cult demands. I want NONE OF IT!

The REAL reason Paul Ryan took the job!
Love at first sneer!

Mitt Romney does everything that is BAD for this country. He invests money with China. He lies CONTINUALLY! He lies about his plans and changes his mind and has ZERO empathy, then comes up with ridiculous plans to pay for trillions of dollars in tax cuts and HUGE GOVERNMENT GROWTH, including increases in military spending the military hasn't even ASKED FOR (which doesn't add to the pay for our service members OR their health care of course) by getting rid of Big Bird! The guy is INSANE! But we knew that already. He had all the signs, way back from prep school days when he bullied weaker students and intentionally led that poor blind teacher into the door...for laughs. Sicko. He has all the diplomatic skill of a...George W. Bush. Remember the London Olympics when he made such a total ass of himself and caused an international incident on the first day of his great trip overseas? The dolt would have us in WWIII on that "day one" he has so many plans for. In fact he might as well add that to his ridiculous right now.

The whole thing, thank Goddess, is a fantasy anyway!

Romney Presidency, end of day one...

Romney Lies, Liberals Cry, Obama's Standards Remain High

Disappointing night in Liberal Land tonight...and wrongly so. After our initial letdown regarding President Obama's intentionally low-key, fact-focused approach to the debate, we will see all is well with the world. 

President Obama's calm class was appropriate to his status, and it was there for the world to see in split-screen. Almost shocking by contrast was Romney's unbridled disdain for President Obama, the inept mediator, poor Mr. Lehrer, and at least 47% of the well as ALL of the truth of course, but we're used to that by now. I think Romney showed himself for what he is, a hot-headed, undisciplined, LYING, pandering, posturing, did I mention lying? entitled, snob who sees everyone around him, as a means to an end in what he considers to be the biggest business deal of all, and he thinks acting the Chairman of the Board, will get him everything he wants. He sees himself as a BIG man. I see him as a spoiled little boy who never had to face harsh reality and grow up.

President Obama sees himself as exactly who is is. POTUS.

POTUS doesn't have to posture.

Tomorrow will be an entirely different day for poor Mr. Romney, because by then those  fact checkers will have had time to find all the many inconsistencies and outright lies hidden among all that smirk and smarm. Yes indeedy, President Obama very graciously supplied his opponent plenty of rope with which to hang himself, and hang himself Willard obligingly did. 

For instance, was it not HIGHLY ironic that MITT ROMNEY scoffed that repeating a lie does not turn it into the truth, given that is PRECISELY what he's been doing all campaign long, in his ads, in interviews, and on the campaign trail, lie after obvious lie? He doesn't just think we're needy, unambitious leeches, he also thinks we're abjectly stupid! I don't know which is more odious about him, his attitude of entitlement by birth or his pandering, because he changes his intentions as frequently as the wind blows. After tonight we can also add his "big bold idea of never mind." Priceless, absolutely priceless. 

I keep returning to the media-left and all the head-banging going on...and not in a fun way.

It's sad that we, as a society, have become so accustomed to being hit over the head with  "news" sensation bricks that we are blind to texture and refinement and subtlety. 

Honestly, if you just watch the debate again you'd see that for each time Obama politely waited for his turn, Romney was shown leering and sneering in a creepy mixture of condescension and avarice that becomes more and more apparent the more desperate the situation becomes...and every time he forces to act as if something comes from the heart he STUTTERS over his words just like W did! It is the exact same syndrome! 

When he/they are talking about war or tax cuts for the wealthy they're smooth as oiled silk, but when it's time to talk about how deeeeeply they care for the bayyyybeees and elderly and veterans, it's stutter city! He and Bush could have been birthed from the same test tube! The biggest difference is that at least a person could done a line of coke off a cheerleader's ass with Dubya, and he could do a mean "dead bug" according to his Texas Air National Guard commander. 

Romney has another thing that Bush didn't. A malignant ego. I swear I can almost hear him thinking "I cannot lose to a black man, I cannot lose to a black man!" Never mind that black man is the most powerful man in the free world and the first duly and lawfully elected, non-war criminal  president we've had in the United States since Bill Clinton!

And whose idea was it to pick, as someone to make Romney more grounded and approachable and detail oriented, someone as blatantly oblivious to the truth as Paul Ryan? 

I'll have more to say about Mr. Ryan after our Vice President mops up with that oh-so-very-carefully colored and maintained hair of his (nice to know whoever used to work for John Edwards still has a job in Washington) on October 11th, but one thing Paul and Mitt have in common is that 716 billion dollar cut to Medicare that Romney tried to use to excoriate the President. I mean seriously, what a joke! Anyone who is going to bother to make the effort to vote KNOWS Obama used that money to cut waste and fraud and that ol' Mitt and Pauly-boy use it to offset that tax break they're [sic] not giving to their richie-rich 1 percenter buddies.  No no no...everything is "deficit neutral" .......HONEST! (Where is my sarcasm font when I need it?)

And REALLY Romney will make sure there is PLENTY of insurance coverage for people with pre-existing illnesses. Just trust the leering, lying, puppet man who changes his stories like normal people change socks after stepping in sewer water. Speaking of sewer water, forget the Environmental Protection Agency, or OSHA, or FDA (lame and weak as they are) ...that "deficit neutral" money has to come from a few kids die from e-coli disease because no one's inspecting the meat processing plants known to buy road kill after dusk to use in Wally World hamburger! 

Yes, President Obama remained remarkably calm when faced with Romney's onslaught of horse patooey, but that is in his job description. We can't have someone flying off the handle every time someone pulls attitude with him...not with most of the middle east going up in flames, as I predicted would happen, because George W. Bush decided to invade and occupy a sovereign nation FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON other than greed and left future presidents AND generations to PAY FOR IT!

Romney likes to say it's time for a new path. Yes, I'd say it is. It's time for HIM to take a truthful one and then beat a path back to the "church" that spawned him! We HAVE a President, thank you, and we plan to KEEP him! Please try again next time though. It will be even MORE fun watching a Mormon misogynist get beat down by a WOMAN!