Friday, October 19, 2012

Bain Destroys Midwest Town and Moves Ops to China

When Five Hundred Million Dollars in 
                                  Pure Profit Just Isn't Enough...

Welcome to Freeport--Bainport

Despite posting an all time record net revenue of 504.6 MILLION DOLLARS in the second quarter of 2012, and 500 million dollars net PROFIT last year, Bain's (they are 51% owners) Sensata Corporation (or the Sensata Person, if you go by Willard's definition) is packing up and moving operations to China. 

Bain/Sensata is locking out workers, who were forced to train their own replacements. Why? Because they had the temerity to request a severance package to help tide them over until they can find new jobs, and to help older workers who will lose the all-important pensions they have worked and counted on their entire careers...pensions they deserve, have earned

The pensions Sensata workers have lost, like Social Security and Medicare are not "entitlements" they are EARNED BENEFITS, as are those earned by veterans, and moves like this illustrate just how vital the social safety net is. These workers didn't quit their jobs out of laziness. They wanted to keep working, but greedy overlords didn't think five hundred million dollars in pure profit was enough, so they (and "they" includes the guy running for president) decided Freeport, and the souls whose lives depended upon jobs at that auto parts plant there, was an acceptable loss. Lives mean nothing to them. Money means everything--EVERYTHING! 

So yes, we absolutely need to keep Social Security and Medicare, which means we cannot vote for republicans, any republicans, even the ones we think are nice people, because they vote together to do VERY BAD THINGS and because one of those VERY BAD THINGS is destroying what they erroneously call entitlements. No matter what pretty-sounding lies they tell you, THAT is even more important to them than controlling the sex lives of women, and you know how important that is!

Oddly, I don't see them voting to give up their own ludicrously generous and life-long "entitlement package" or even put a few reasonable limits, like means testing, on it. Work a cushy job a couple years that sets you up for an even cushier job on down the road and reap benefits forever...nice deal! 

Our current crop, the sorriest and most dastardly bunch of obstructionist, oath-breaking, pledge signing, bought and sold TEA-hadists ever to fail their constituents, would do much to salvage what piteously little is left of their honour if they would vote to STOP VULTURE CAPITALISM. I am sickened by seeing once-thriving places like Freeport turned into ghost towns at the whim of aforementioned vultures.

The workers who labored in good faith to create such a record-setting profit for sent a heart-felt plea to Mitt Romney, asking him to step in and save their jobs. Not only did he refuse to even answer their plea, he went on to mourn, in false-face, issues like this in the most recent debate! What a damned hypocrite! Then today, when he was just a short distance away from Freeport on his ohh sooo ironically titled, "Every Town Counts" tour, he zoomed wide of Bainport, the town he decided absolutely does NOT count. 

So, think about it. This is how the man who is running for President makes his money. More importantly, this is how he treats people in need--not people in a culture of poverty who don't bother to look for work (which is a myth of course) but people who want nothing more than to keep working at the jobs they have done so well that they have created consecutive record-breaking profits!  HOW can that NOT be enough? How can anyone be so cold that they reward that kind of effort by destroying the lives of the people who provided the millions lining their pockets? It is PSYCHOPATHIC!

Can you really trust someone who believes in this kind of behavior against the hard working people of his OWN nation while dealing with the sleaziest, most inhumane slave-brokers in China? Can you really trust Mitt Romney with the most sacred and honored of duties in our United States? Do you trust someone so willing to run a steam-roller over middle class workers just to turn even more-than-record-breaking profits and avoid more taxes the U.S. badly needs right now? If you do trust him, I suggest immediate psychological evaluation, because you are living in a dream world or intentionally deluding yourself (like everyone else with incomes under $250,000/year who votes GOP).

And they call the poor a drain on society! 

Look at what's happening in Freeport. THAT is Romney's America. Is that what you want, or do you want equal opportunity for all America's workers and a little more taxation for the richest, who TAKE so much and give so little? Do you want jobs here or in China?

With the move to China, quality of product and life will also suffer, not only for the Sensata workers here, but also because as more and more American businesses encourage what amounts to slavery in China, abuse will most certainly not only continue but expand. This is a true and actual human rights issue, and I cannot help but wonder how former Bishop Romney reconciles this reality with his "deeply held religious beliefs that are [so] central to [his] life." Any true man of faith would be horrified by the way these slave laborers are treated. I certainly am. These are human beings. Yes, they are taking our jobs, but none of us control the place and circumstance of our birth, so as fellow humans should we not feel some compassion despite our own losses?

Take for instance these artfully and artificially dressed and made-up CHILDREN have been working in factories run by American corporation Foxconn by their own admission. You can slop makeup all over their faces but you can't make them smile. Make-up does not hide the fact that these are YOUNG children. My 9 year old looks  ten years older when we play with makeup, so just figure it out. Also, that boy in front is so thin he's gaunt. Another article I linked to says the slave laborers are severely malnourished and underfed. Also, health care is terrible. I found a photo of an advanced breast cancer in a factory worker I will not share here, but you can find it by following this link. Laborers do not receive health care, even for life threatening illnesses, especially women. Hmm, I need to learn to make those shorter...and be warned it is VERY GRAPHIC! The plight of these women is heart breaking.
Foxconn Admits to Having  Had Child Laborers in Its Factories

Not so much so to Willard Romney. I have seen clips of him gleefully praising and applauding the Chinese practice of concentrating female "workers" into industrial barracks, at least three per closet-sized room, wherein they are guarded at gunpoint, twenty-four hours per day. They work at least twelve hours per shift at a dollar an hour and exist--I will not say live, because they are not living, they are merely existing as flesh and blood automatons (ahh, now I see how Willard feels such comfort with the practice--it speaks to his inner robot!) and have just one day off per month. 

The internet is full of articles about Chinese practices. The article linked below is concise, referenced, and an easy and informative read. Please take the couple minutes to the single short page as regards Apple and how they pay workers in China. 

"When I was back in my private equity days, we went to China do buy a factory there. It employed about 20,000 people, and they were almost all young women between the ages of about 18 and 22 or 23. They were saving for potentially becoming married" 
Mitt Romney has actively participated in SLAVE LABOR!

He probably sees China as some kind of business-friendly UTOPIA and cannot WAIT to make America JUST LIKE IT! 

(Pause for thought...)

Wow...  The above statement started out as my usual deeply felt and utter disdain for Mitt Romney, but once I'd put it to the page, the truth of it was jarring...and frightening. This is more serious and far worse than I had imagined, especially for women, and I have imagined a LOT! He has no intent to FIGHT China...


Coming soon unless you get off your backside and vote for Obama!

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