Saturday, October 20, 2012

O'Donnell Dares Tagg to Take a Swing

Lawrence O'Donnell dares Taggart Romney to punch him

No question about it..  I have a love-love relationship with Lawrence O'Donnell. He just gets better and better as time passes. He makes me want to be a better person yet at the same time makes me feel completely comfortable in my own skin--poisoned veteran with auto-immune disease that I am. He reminds me there are far larger issues out there requiring my inconstant energy.

Usually Mr. O'Donnell is a calm lagoon of reason in an ever-storming ocean of media hype and hyperbole. Thursday night those still waters rose in a sudden tsunami...and it was MAGNIFICENT! 

I never realized that accent was sexy before...

All I care to add to the link (below the picture) above is this. Tagg, your mother is a hag. Make my day too! My money is on the honest smart man who is so very righteously indignant. 

And no, hiring the job out to contractors doesn't count, Haggart.

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