Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Lies, Liberals Cry, Obama's Standards Remain High

Disappointing night in Liberal Land tonight...and wrongly so. After our initial letdown regarding President Obama's intentionally low-key, fact-focused approach to the debate, we will see all is well with the world. 

President Obama's calm class was appropriate to his status, and it was there for the world to see in split-screen. Almost shocking by contrast was Romney's unbridled disdain for President Obama, the inept mediator, poor Mr. Lehrer, and at least 47% of the well as ALL of the truth of course, but we're used to that by now. I think Romney showed himself for what he is, a hot-headed, undisciplined, LYING, pandering, posturing, did I mention lying? entitled, snob who sees everyone around him, as a means to an end in what he considers to be the biggest business deal of all, and he thinks acting the Chairman of the Board, will get him everything he wants. He sees himself as a BIG man. I see him as a spoiled little boy who never had to face harsh reality and grow up.

President Obama sees himself as exactly who is is. POTUS.

POTUS doesn't have to posture.

Tomorrow will be an entirely different day for poor Mr. Romney, because by then those  fact checkers will have had time to find all the many inconsistencies and outright lies hidden among all that smirk and smarm. Yes indeedy, President Obama very graciously supplied his opponent plenty of rope with which to hang himself, and hang himself Willard obligingly did. 

For instance, was it not HIGHLY ironic that MITT ROMNEY scoffed that repeating a lie does not turn it into the truth, given that is PRECISELY what he's been doing all campaign long, in his ads, in interviews, and on the campaign trail, lie after obvious lie? He doesn't just think we're needy, unambitious leeches, he also thinks we're abjectly stupid! I don't know which is more odious about him, his attitude of entitlement by birth or his pandering, because he changes his intentions as frequently as the wind blows. After tonight we can also add his "big bold idea of never mind." Priceless, absolutely priceless. 

I keep returning to the media-left and all the head-banging going on...and not in a fun way.

It's sad that we, as a society, have become so accustomed to being hit over the head with  "news" sensation bricks that we are blind to texture and refinement and subtlety. 

Honestly, if you just watch the debate again you'd see that for each time Obama politely waited for his turn, Romney was shown leering and sneering in a creepy mixture of condescension and avarice that becomes more and more apparent the more desperate the situation becomes...and every time he forces to act as if something comes from the heart he STUTTERS over his words just like W did! It is the exact same syndrome! 

When he/they are talking about war or tax cuts for the wealthy they're smooth as oiled silk, but when it's time to talk about how deeeeeply they care for the bayyyybeees and elderly and veterans, it's stutter city! He and Bush could have been birthed from the same test tube! The biggest difference is that at least a person could done a line of coke off a cheerleader's ass with Dubya, and he could do a mean "dead bug" according to his Texas Air National Guard commander. 

Romney has another thing that Bush didn't. A malignant ego. I swear I can almost hear him thinking "I cannot lose to a black man, I cannot lose to a black man!" Never mind that black man is the most powerful man in the free world and the first duly and lawfully elected, non-war criminal  president we've had in the United States since Bill Clinton!

And whose idea was it to pick, as someone to make Romney more grounded and approachable and detail oriented, someone as blatantly oblivious to the truth as Paul Ryan? 

I'll have more to say about Mr. Ryan after our Vice President mops up with that oh-so-very-carefully colored and maintained hair of his (nice to know whoever used to work for John Edwards still has a job in Washington) on October 11th, but one thing Paul and Mitt have in common is that 716 billion dollar cut to Medicare that Romney tried to use to excoriate the President. I mean seriously, what a joke! Anyone who is going to bother to make the effort to vote KNOWS Obama used that money to cut waste and fraud and that ol' Mitt and Pauly-boy use it to offset that tax break they're [sic] not giving to their richie-rich 1 percenter buddies.  No no no...everything is "deficit neutral" .......HONEST! (Where is my sarcasm font when I need it?)

And REALLY Romney will make sure there is PLENTY of insurance coverage for people with pre-existing illnesses. Just trust the leering, lying, puppet man who changes his stories like normal people change socks after stepping in sewer water. Speaking of sewer water, forget the Environmental Protection Agency, or OSHA, or FDA (lame and weak as they are) ...that "deficit neutral" money has to come from a few kids die from e-coli disease because no one's inspecting the meat processing plants known to buy road kill after dusk to use in Wally World hamburger! 

Yes, President Obama remained remarkably calm when faced with Romney's onslaught of horse patooey, but that is in his job description. We can't have someone flying off the handle every time someone pulls attitude with him...not with most of the middle east going up in flames, as I predicted would happen, because George W. Bush decided to invade and occupy a sovereign nation FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON other than greed and left future presidents AND generations to PAY FOR IT!

Romney likes to say it's time for a new path. Yes, I'd say it is. It's time for HIM to take a truthful one and then beat a path back to the "church" that spawned him! We HAVE a President, thank you, and we plan to KEEP him! Please try again next time though. It will be even MORE fun watching a Mormon misogynist get beat down by a WOMAN!

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