Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scott Walker's Snit

Poor Scotty Walker is in a snit, and he's going to make the most helpless people in Wisconsin pay...with their very lives...literally. If that doesn't show immaturity, blatant cowardice, gross negligence and despicable disregard for human life I don't know what does. In other words, yes, boys and girls, he's an absolute darling among the tea-bagging republican obstructionists. 

Yet this goes beyond politics as usual. Upon learning that Chief Justice Roberts did SEEM, after all, to have a conscience (this will be debated later) the ranting and raving and character assassination began. Somehow I think it was overkill, and I mean that literally and figuratively, because in the end, while  Roberts did indeed rule the individual mandate legal, meaning about ONE PERCENT of people in the United States MAY have to pay a small penalty, which is offset by the money they receive from the government and choose not to spend on insurance, he left the Governors of each state a HUGE loop-hole as far as compliance goes.

Our wonderful Governor, in all his wisdom, has decided to take advantage of this loop-hole. Despite the fact that for three full years the Federal Government would pay 100% for a Medicare expansion which would save the lives of thousands of Wisconsin children and disabled persons (like me, a disabled veteran who does not receive benefits from the Veteran's Administration because my exposure to Agent Orange, etc. happened stateside so apparently doesn't "count") Governor/Dictator Walker is refusing to enact that life saving expansion. He is also refusing to create the insurance negotiation pools which would make health insurance so much less expensive for Wisconsin's workers, but at least the Federal Government can take over that role. 

So yes, you have understood me correctly. To get back at Obama, or to make sure people don't get to LIKE the health care bill Walker and his owners have spent multiple BILLIONS of dollars spreading misinformation about, Walker is willing to continue to make people with insurance continue to pay for "free riders" (the people who just go to the ER when sick rather than getting insurance, which causes people who DO have insurance to pay outrageous premiums). He is also willing to see innocent people, most of them unable, not unwilling to work--many of them actually working poor--risk DEATH just to make a political point. 

If you don't approve of these tactics, make your voice heard in the next election and vote against the republicans who are lying to you, treating you like you have no common sense, and are literally willing to let people in your state DIE. Forget your prejudices and your ONE issue and think of the broader picture here. There is more than the unborn at stake here. Life includes the CHILD too. Can you really call yourself pro-life and vote for someone willing to let people DIE to score political brownie points? I'm not just a veteran. I was also a Newborn Intensive Care RN for many years. I voted for Ronald Reagan and Toby Roth. I too am pro-life, but the republican party can no longer claim to be. 

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