Sunday, July 22, 2012

McCain Spins for NRA

John McCain speaks to CNN
“So, I think the strongest Second Amendment rights people would be glad to have a conversation, but the conclusion that this was somehow caused by the fact that we don’t have more gun control legislation, I don’t think has been proved.”

In later comments McCain stated he was not "at all certain" that water is wet.  He actually did say the first thing. No really....he DID! The quote under the picture is NOT a's a real quote and you can find the video if you follow the link. Honest! In answer to that quote, by the way, I can only say, yeah....rrrrriiiiigghhhht!  I'm SURE the strongest Second Amendment rights people would be just THRILLED to talk about gun long as the discussion were about banning it! Johnny, Johnny,'re losing your touch. Or maybe you've just finally "lost it." 

I mean...I really do wish John McCain could live up to the image he has built up of himself over the years, but the fact of the matter is that it's all just a carefully crafted facade. In every vote, as in his personal life, where he used his influence to protect his wife from the consequences of drug offenses for which ANY OTHER  PERSON would still be in PRISON, he's as much a right wing vulture as the rest of his party. He just pretends to be a good man of great personal character while making the same damnable decisions with the same damnable consequences as the rest of 'em. It is this behavior that earned him the insider nickname "Spinmaster," after  all. It is this behavior that also has him up front and media-whoring away for one of his favorite customers, the NRA, in the wake of the Aurora shooting...and to make sure Romney's taxes stay out of the news until the beginning of the Olympics, of course. They'll ALL be putting that foremost in their minds in the wake of this well-timed tragedy ...which puts me in mind of Bush Jr. gleefully calling 9/11 "hitting the trifecta." History does seem to repeat itself.

The linked article below, which you can find part-way down the page, details Cindy McCain's struggle with drugs and shines the bright light of truth on her abuse of her personal charity, which existed to score political points for her husband and as a front to obtain large quantities of prescription opiates. Of relevance politically, it details McCain's efforts to black-ball an employee/whistle blower who went to the DEA when his name was illegally used to obtain prescriptions for McCain's wife. Ironically, Cindy McCain's former employee, a registered republican, never intended to "go public" with any of his concerns regarding her addiction, overdoses or family concerns regarding her medicating their then-young children with prescription medications. The whole thing blew up in McCain's face (as much as anything ever does) when his legal team, in efforts to intimidate the employee, interacted with now-infamous Maricopa County law enforcement:

John McCain is no noob to professional media spin either; just look at McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform legislation. In direct contrast to John McCain, Russ Feingold's entire Senate career was based on strict adherence to his "no large donors and absolutely NO lobbyist money" beliefs. In short, Feingold, now working on the Obama campaign, truly believes, as do I, that campaigns should be minimally financed, with no favors owed. It just makes sense. Professional lobbyists and uber-rich donors are a plague on politics of  by and for the people because they ELIMINATE  we the people from the process. Sure, we get to vote, but when we are bombarded literally 24/7 with dishonest commercials paid for by the Koch brothers, voters are no longer making informed decisions. 

McCain and Feingold were a very odd couple, one a jaded master of manipulation pretending at bipartisanship and one an ethical idealist. Guess which one got over on the least so far.Tragically for our democratic republic, McCain won that round and what started out as good legislation could not survive with only one true believer.  As soon as it became clear that lobbyists were not liking it, good ol' Johnny M. allowed that legislation to be dismantled piece by piece in committee. He still got the political glory for the effort, and the GOP still got to please their corporate puppet masters. Long live the Spinmaster

McCain is so addicted to the spin, he spins himself! Even when it comes to his refusal to admit any ill effects, such as flashbacks or nightmares,  from his P.O.W. experience, he slaps every other former P.O.W. in the face when he stands before the American people and says he's "never had a single one." That is such clear B.S. ...but he will do anything, he will even turn on fellow past prisoners of war, to keep up his image of "John McCain, War Hero." I respect and honor his service as a fellow veteran, without question, but he's so full of crap when he says he's never given it another thought since coming back.  That's not denial, that's a blatant lie. He's no more special than any other man or woman who served and survived over there; he's just quite literally banking on it now.

So now, in true McCain fashion, he's spinning away again in the wake of the Aurora tragedy, pleasing his masters in the NRA by saying there's no proof that regulations against assault weapons and huge ammo clips would save lives. It needs to be researched, he says. Really. THAT is the line the NRA is feeding them on this one. It has not been sufficiently proven to the NRA that ASSAULT weapons with HUGE ammo capacity being available to virtually any psycho on the street is a danger to society. Seriously. 

Shocking statistics on deaths by violence in the United States, including gun deaths. In 2010 approximately 600 people were murdered in the entire UK. That is six hundred, no typo. In comparison, in that same year, nearly thirteen thousand people died by gun violence alone in the United States. That is an average of over 35 people per day shot dead. 

McCain is once again trading on his "Honest John" reputation (which some people still find plausible even after the Sarah Palin fiasco) to be ever-faithful mouthpiece for that quite literally UNBELIEVABLE line of bull from the NRA. Our murder rate in the US is 15 times that of other "western" nations, but McCain needs more proof. Of course the tea-party will find this need for more proof very soothing to their collective psyche in the wake of this tragedy in a military town  of all places. (Never mind the other 35+ people who die every single day in the United States by gun violence--after all they're probably mostly poor or not white.) 

Please note I say psyche here because I cannot say conscience when it comes to current-day republicans. Clearly conscience as well as common sense, decency and honor, are seriously lacking in the GOP these days.  The republican party has become a parody of some kind of evil twin of itself, with John McCain spinning faster than ever in his efforts to remain relevant and above all, marketable.

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