Friday, July 20, 2012

Ann Romney's "You People" Remark

Poor Ann Romney. Someone sent her into battle with no weapons. I would not make the mistake of comparing her to Sarah Palin however. This was no "deer in the headlights" moment. Willard (Mitt) Romney's woman is well armored. That armor consists of an utter elitist's surety that we, the unwashed masses (upon whose votes her husband's future depends) are so beneath her notice and so ignorant of how the "real" people of the upper classes live, that neither she nor her husband need give us a thought, and that's all there is to the matter. Add a look like one has just smelled something slightly off but is smiling politely if condescendingly anyway and a blink of blocky black false lashes on an otherwise matronly face and you have the most important nugget from Ann Romney's interview today on ABC.

I was shocked.

Now I know how the French peasantry would have felt had Marie Antoinette actually said, in the lead-up to the French Revolution, "let them eat cake."

Prior to this interview I had heard talking head after talking head speak of Ann Romney as being the kinder, gentler Romney. Given Willard's creepy high school history of leading a gang of prep school bullies in an assault against a sad, nonconformist and *gasp* presumed homosexual (no homophobe like a gay homophobe unless perhaps it's a religiously indoctrinated one) it's not hard to picture a kinder person. Then, of course, there's poor Seamus the dog. 

Surely, I thought, Ann Romney must be a true milque-toast woman. I was certain sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth, so I watched the interview, ready to be very sympathetic for her having put up with such an emotionally stilted, to be kind, person for all these years. What I saw instead was an elitist bitch! This woman was literally unbelievable! I worked with cutting edge doctors and their perpetually pampered wives for years, but Ann Romney makes them seem like purring kittens.  If we make the mistake of electing this guy, we will not be able to count on his wife for a "softening" influence. She is just as overtly self-entitled as he is.

When she said her husband had given "you people" ...meaning US, all they were going to, "And that's just the answer," as if she were the queen making a proclamation and full-well expected to be obeyed, I was so taken aback I had to rewatch it several times to make sure I'd really seen and heard what I thought I'd seen and heard. This was another jewel, “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life.” YOU PEOPLE? Are you effing kidding me? Did she REALLY just say that on national TV in THAT tone of voice with THAT look on her face? THIS is the nice Romney? What kind of Mormons are they growing these days? I served in the Army with a Mormon girl of 19 (yeah, I know, her parents were not pleased about it either, but she was there) and she was so sweet and soft spoken. Ann Romney is walking proof that power corrupts!

But Mrs. Willard Romney wasn't finished. In an amazing example of circular reasoning, given more information about finances is exactly what "we the people" she so disdains are seeking, Mrs. Romney said, “You know, you should really look at where Mitt has led his life, and where he’s been financially, ” then added later, "We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year." I had to laugh out loud. I mean seriously. You are withholding that VERY information! I understand, better than most, what MS does to the human brain, but this is just pure lack of concern or care about what we the "little people" think one way or the other. She is SO uncaring about what we think or what information we want that she totally FORGOT that it's his FINANCIAL information at the root of the problem! Ugh...

Poor clueless/careless Ann gave away more than she realized and more than I've heard anyone on the talking head shows bring up too. When she made SUCH as issue of her husband's church contributions, she didn't mention it was the MORMON church. Apparently she DID remember that one all-important talking point, which is THE BIG ONE. Why? Because there is a very large group of voters who tend to be southern and tend to vote based on abortion and/or bigotry who would NOT vote for Romney if reminded too often that he's not the "right kind of Christian." They are the voters at whom "dog whistle" words like "different" and "not like us" and "possibly muslim" and other nice ways of expressing the "n" word are aimed.

Also, and this is important, where were all these generous donations to the church which shall not be named directed? For instance, was a large amount of it directed toward California's Proposition Eight and other homophobic legislative action? Just where has this "tithing" gone, and how much "tithing" has the family done in comparison to taxes paid? 

Think of it. Is someone who wishes to be the leader of our nation more dedicated to his church than his country? 

Has he actually given more money to his church than he's paid in taxes? 


I know that's a charge usually thrown around by the right, but I think it's perfectly pertinent to question just where on the ever sliding scale of Romney's value system "country" lies! 

I think it's VERY possible our republican candidate for president has paid more to the Mormon Church and it's various legislative actions, say perhaps efforts to defend bigamy and child marriages within sub-cults in the church, than in taxes to the country over which he is making such an overt liar of himself to preside. 

Think of it. This tax issue has, as one commentator stated, reached critical mass, and yet Romney will not budge. He's been more than willing to make an absolute buffoon of himself on virtually EVERYTHING else he's ever said, every single stance he's held on every issue from abortion to xenophobia, yet on the taxes he WILL NOT YIELD. He says it's because it's too complex, yet the taxes were already compiled when McCain vetted him  for VP and chose Sarah Palin instead. Whatever is in those taxes isn't just bad, it's RADIOACTIVE! 

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