Saturday, August 25, 2012

Romney Plans Draft to Address Unemployment

The following is reprinted with permission on condition of anonymity:

The not so secret secret is out....conveniently in the midst of all the uproar over the difference between legitimate and what --willing? --solicited? --fictitious? rape. 

Someone in the Romney camp, someone close enough to him to have a prominent speaking role during the upcoming convention (read big bucks fete for ultra-big bucks donors) had a little whoopsie and let one fly in an unguarded moment...a bit of alcohol related verbal flatulence if you will. I know this person well enough to know his now-adult son broke his arm several years ago when Mr. F.'s open marriage was in a particularly open period, one of his vacation homes is on the Jersey shore and he has a long-time crush on Madeline Stowe. 

The plan goes something like this. 

Mr. Romney is on the record as being...well, let's just say demonstrably weak on diplomatic skills. He is a pro-Israel extremist, not in the way America has always been a strong and stout ally of Israel, but in a militaristic way that had sabres rattling before he'd even been named the official nominee of his party. He became fast friends with Benjamin Netanyahu during his time at Bain, referring to Netanyahu as his buddy Bibi...ugh, and if you doubt that just do a search on "Romney and Netanyahu". Just look out for the sources. Some very reasonable sounding sites (like have some sane-seeming quotes but are quite NOT sane.

Romney is also a "force-first" believer when it comes to Iran, and actually believes diplomacy makes us less safe, something anyone, from the Joint Chiefs to Intel and the Diplomatic Corps (as well as anyone with a thimble-full of common sense) will tell you is counterintuitive. 

Never mind common sense though. Romney isn't a common sense kind of guy. If he doesn't have a doctrine to follow, he's lost. According to my "friend" Mr. Romney does beautifully inside the box, but when it comes to thinking outside a set of rules and regulations and codes and instructions, he is quickly lost. He does not ad lib well. I think we have seen that in the campaign. 

Romney has decided in a rare seizure of extemporaneous thinking that his military-action-first ideology works very nicely with his need to cut unemployment and cut it fast--presuming the worst-case scenario of a 2012 Romney/Ryan theft of the presidency through swing-state voter disenfranchisement. Romney must accomplish this without pissing off the monied elite or his Mormon religion, which is the one thing he claims is near and dear to his heart, though I am convinced a heart is one of a handful of organs Mitt Romney was born without or has since had removed as completely vestigial.


Of course the title of this post has given away his "lightbulb" idea. He fully plans, with the cooperation of Paul Ryan's GOP friends in the House and right-leaning dems in the Senate, to reinstate the military draft, with exemptions for religious beliefs and alternative service, which covers his special interests, his beloved cult and his wealthy friends, who have always thought of imaginative ways to dodge the draft. Of one thing you may be confident; they will find a way to protect their own when they write the legislation.

Mitt sees reinstating the draft as a way to justify vastly expanded military spending, most of which, as usual, will actually go to no-bid contractors, as happened in the W-Bush administration, which of course is a HUGE part of how we turned trillions of CLINTON SURPLUS into FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEFICIT IN EIGHT YEARS UNDER THE LAST REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION...that of good ol' Dubya.


So... are you really sure there's nothing to get off your ass and vote about? 

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